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On the 30th Anniversary of World AIDS Day: PTSD

Originally delivered November 30,2018 It. Started. Out. Really. Slow. Or so it seemed, and we all hid behind our denial. Straight people could say, “Well, that’s just a gay thing.” Or the gay man in New Orleans could shrug, “That’s just a New York problem, right?” Or the young black man in New York who … Continue reading

Biological Imperative

Visiting a long-time friend over the weekend, I scooped up a couple bunches of flowers at the farmer’s market we were checking out. She had stopped to admire the deep purple-blue of the lisianthus, and the peach of the gerbera daisies; I added the bright red globes of the gomphrena. Back at her house, I … Continue reading

What’s So Funny?

I meant to apologize to my readers about the recent gap in posts: I’ve been traveling again, and interviewing men in many disparate parts of the country. The process continues to be a pleasure, the stories are rich, and I am so proud to be part of a remarkable generation of gay men. The break … Continue reading

Bad Blood?

Yesterday’s horrific mass murder in a theatre in Aurora, Colorado, prompted much comment in social media, which I noted, as Denver has been a much-loved, long-time base for me. Much of the discussion was about gun control, of course (I’m still not getting the part about “the right to bear semi-automatics”), but I also found … Continue reading

Other People’s Children

An entirely new generation was added to my family tree a few days ago. This has sparked both emotions and thought about where a gay man fits into family and community, especially now, after decades of social change. Let me first say that I am unusually lucky, in that I come from a large, loud, … Continue reading

It Gets Better. And Then…

I did not know Bob Bergeron.  I first heard about the gay, New York-based psychotherapist late last year; he was about to publish a book called “The Right Side of Forty: The Complete Guide to Happiness for Gay Men at Midlife and Beyond.” I had just left New York for more road trip to interview … Continue reading


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