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On the 30th Anniversary of World AIDS Day: PTSD

On the 30th Anniversary of World AIDS Day: PTSD

Originally delivered November 30,2018 It. Started. Out. Really. Slow. Or so it seemed, and we all hid behind our denial. Straight people could say, “Well, that’s just a gay thing.” Or the gay man in New Orleans could shrug, “That’s just a New York problem, right?” Or the young black man in New York who … Continue reading


Gay Men (especially those over 50) to tell our stories of how the world changed, and how each of us helped change it. Looking for tales about building community and networks, anecdotes about family and friends, thoughts about coming out at work and elsewhere, comments on joy, sadness and creation. It’s time for us to tell how, before we hit that great disco in the ether. Add your comments to any of the stories I’ve told here or, if you’re willing to interviewed in more detail, drop a note to gaymansprogress@gmail.com. Thanks. What a great bunch of guys.


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