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Coming of Age with Stonewall

My generation didn’t start the Stonewall Revolution. That honor goes to brave souls a bit older than we were, by a decade or two, or maybe less, those slightly ahead of the Boomers who were just in college or high school (like me) or younger. The vanguard were the customers in the Stonewall Inn that … Continue reading

Role Models

My generation didn’t start what we now call the Stonewall Revolution. That credit belongs to generations before us. Walt Whitman was certainly on the page, with his carefully worded celebrations; Oscar Wilde pushed the envelope further, and paid dearly for his honesty. But these records were carefully avoided by English teachers; we only found them … Continue reading

Leaving California: 4) Continuing

The shift occurred while I was living with S****. S**** isn’t his real name, of course; his real name is one of those long, high-WASP-Philadelphia combinations, complete with the cutesy, prep-school nickname he still used, and that aura of full entitlement which often accompanies it. He delighted in using “Reverend” in front of his name … Continue reading

Leaving California: 3) Grief

Ann says, as I uncork the bottle of champagne, “We really made a home here. Didn’t we?” I pop, and pour the bubbly into the tall Swedish flutes. “I think we did a good thing here,” I answer. “Thank you.” I’m tempted to throw the crystal into the fire, but I don’t. These are hers, … Continue reading

Leaving California: 2) Loss

 San Francisco, 1998. I should never have gone to the Keith Haring exhibit. I have never been a fan of those distorting funhouse mirrors–the ones we had before psychedelic drugs, before Nintendo. Sure, those were days. New York, 1979. I could see myself at the Transit Authority–the brash, young whippersnapper of a fundraising consultant. Delighting … Continue reading

Leaving California: 1) Running Away

If I were to explain to myself, or anyone else for that matter, why I’m leaving California, I’d have to explain what I’ve been doing in California. Which implies I’d have to explain why I came to California in the first place. But then, isn’t that the same as why I left New York? Which … Continue reading

(Still) Changing the Workplace

Excerpt from “The 100 Best Companies for Gay Men and Lesbians” (Pocket Books, 1994) Making More Gay-Friendly Companies Ultimately, the only goal we can have as gay men and lesbians is to make every company gay-friendly. While this is an agenda that is sure to put opponents of change into a tizzy, it’s a goal … Continue reading


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